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Our Approach

At Tree House Liverpool, we make the most of what is already available. We are focused on developing mindful projects and strategies which create connectivity, wellbeing, and resilience for our clients. Whether we are supporting clients through consultancy or generating our own projects and initiatives, our work channels wellbeing through connected development processes.


These are underpinned by the certain knowledge that everybody possesses the innate capability and that all social systems hold untapped capacity as well as hidden assets. Our success has been built not just on what we do but how we do it. We are only happy when we are helping to create places where people are motivated to give their best. 

Our Focus
Brand Strategy
Strategic Development

Helping you to better identify your goals, to resolve systemic problems, to identify and exploit hidden assets as well as secure buy-in from your people, identifying and utilizing their latent capacity.

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Project Delivery

Helping you to develop and deliver projects, including challenge and change initiatives, in a way which ensures that there is engagement on a system-wide level, and that resilience and sustainability is factored in from the outset.

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Personal Development

Helping you, and your people, make the most of your capacities and those of the people around them.  This may take the form of bespoke training and development, work to strengthen and focus teams, or mentoring and coaching work.