Strategic Interventions to liberate latent capacity 

Those in leadership and management positions everywhere are struggling to fully engage their people.  Whether in the workplace or in our communities, people feel increasingly disconnected from a sense of common purpose.  This has real-world consequences. Productivity in the UK economy fell by 0.5% (ref) last year, continuing a long-term trend, In other spheres, there is increasing evidence that we do not feel connected to, or experience a shared sense of responsibility for, the environments within which we live and work.  In short, many of us do not feel motivated to contribute to a collective good.  From the workplace to the community, this can mean that well-intended investments can at best be wasted or, worse, backfire. Expensive initiatives to improve practice or outcomes can be given lip service or, worse, undermined. 

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Strategic Development

Tree House Liverpool has a proven track record of actively and positively engaging people to succeed together in delivering projects. This includes those in the hardest to reach groups within institutions (such as prisons and rehabilitation services) and local communities as well as workforces in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Our success is due to the fact that we work to liberate the latent potential of people by connecting them to a shared sense of purpose. In this work, we draw on a wide range of theories and practices.  We are primarily influenced by the positive psychology movement and by engagement methodologies, such as open space technology and other appreciative practices. These enable us to explicitly use project development processes to actively build the culture of shared ownership, resilience and responsibility which will be a requisite for success and sustainability. As well as increasing your collective productivity by creating opportunities for your people to connect, learn, take notice, be active and contribute, we will measurably increase their individual and shared sense of wellbeing.  

Our Experience
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Newsham Park

Since 2012, we have been facilitating our own projects and initiatives in Liverpool’s Tuebrook. Using Newsham Park as a focal point for our activities and using the natural environment as the basis for our activities, we have been successfully building connections with those around us to support and enrich lives.