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This initiative was conceived as part of the action plan designed in 2013. It was a challenge to the torpor that had set in regarding the poor state of our local high street. Changes in shopping habits had transformed what was once a source of pride to a series of poorly maintained shops and graffitied walls.


By linking shopkeepers to local artists and helping facilitate opportunities either to enhance local beauty or hide ugly spots, 13 art installations were created between 2013 and 2019. Of these, 8 remain in place and are completely free of graffiti, one has been interacted with and, of the 4 that have disappeared, all but one is the result of the site or the abandoned building now being developed.


This initiative and our Clean Up Flash Mobs encouraged other partners to act to net the railway bridge to stop pigeons roosting there and defecating on and around the bus stop as well as clearing some areas of long-accumulated rubbish which were in plain sight but hard to access. This was another example of how a small positive local initiative could galvanize people and organisations to use existing resources in partnership with others for a greater collective and sustainable impact.   


Street Art & The High St

street art 2.JPG
street art 3.JPG