One local young mother was concerned her young children were becoming detached from the natural world. She conceived of, designed, delivered and led a Wild Play programme in parks every Saturday, come rain or shine, from 2013 to 2017.


The target audience for the initiative was children rather than young people and it was they who were given the shared responsibility for determining the agenda for the project.  Over the years, this engaged them in studying the natural environment, using microscopes to examine the micro-world of the lake waters and binoculars to observe birds and other local wildlife.


They were also able to take part in an activity that gave them greater ownership of, and confidence within, an open space in which most children of their age were not permitted the freedom to play. As well as the positive impact on them and their parents, these activities also make it more likely that, in the future, they will feel a greater sense of shared responsibility for the common spaces we share. 

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Wild Play

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