The Tree House Liverpool philosophy is that we have far greater capacity then we realise to transform our own lives and the lives of those around us. Furthermore, many of the resources we require to do that are readily available. They just need to be facilitated. Nothing exemplifies this more than the annual Feel the Love? Show the Love Festival which Tree House Liverpool hosted between 2014 and 2018. The basic premise of the event is that people want to get involved. They just needed the opportunity to do so and, therefore, all we had to do was create that opportunity. So it proved. 


Over the years, people came forward to lead, or contribute to activities as diverse as litter picking, painting park railings, planting flowers and shrubs, crafting, as well as taking part in discussions about what we might do together to make the places we shared safer and more beautiful. As well as the annual event, Tree House Liverpool also attracted, and supported people who wanted to run other, openly accessible, activities in the park. These included Film Nights at the Bandstand, Meditation, Thai Chi, Dog Shows, a community market, Tree Walks, and a local photographer’s wildlife master classes. 


Community Festivals